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25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire

25 Seat and 26 Seater Bristol Coach Hire

Coaches are used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for an intercity tour for school purposes, sports event, corporate summit, congregation gathering, as well as for traveling to the other cities and much more. Group journeys are always more fun and enjoyable than going on an individual tour. And going to move a large scale of people and guests requires a vehicle that can accommodate all the passengers as well as their hand-carry belongings.

Finding the right type of coach and the coach hire can be a tough task. To find a company that provides and upholds only the best should not be that problematic. With the most trusted and reliable company in Bristol, Coach Hire Bristol is ready and armed with a fleet of 25 to 26 seater minibus to handle your group transit problems. It is already known that no group will travel that will choose something that will cramp them inside. Of course, the top choice would be larger vehicle that can keep up with the large number of passengers and the amount of luggage they brought with them

Speaking of luggage, our coach has safe storage compartments for all types and kinds of gears, equipment, luggage, and even hand carry bags. The comfortable seats that we have placed in our coach are made to ensure that the voyage does not stress the passengers out. The seats are covered with fine leather making it extra soft, with armrests, and practical seatbelts.

There is also entertainment option for the passengers. We have monitors behind all the head rest, a convenient DVD player, an MP3 music player and a Wi-Fi connection to keep everyone on the coach online and consistently connected.

We also have other amenities that everyone would surely love. Our luxury coaches have washrooms inside, center exits, and a functional fridge to keep foods that easily spoils over long drives. We are always geared towards providing what we can for your enjoyment and relaxation.

With Coach Hire Bristol, you know that you will be taken care of from head to toe by our staff. Aside from these amenities, our people especially the drivers are well trained to handle any situation. Even a road breakdown can be taken care of by our drivers with no problems. However, in any case, that the coach cannot be repaired on the spot, we have special minibuses that come to the rescue. They can easily reach to the breakdown location through our installed tracking system.

Our drivers are also proficient in navigation and communication skills. They are also punctual in every booking to guarantee that we are upholding our values and promises because the top priority of our company is to perfect our coach services and gather as much information as possible from our customers as for how we will continue to improve our coach hire services.

Coach Hire Bristol is a dependable transport service. With a long list of serviced customers with high return rate, we know that customers trust us when it comes to coach servicing. The best part about it is that we can maintain top-notch customer service on a low-cost budget that fits perfectly with the customer's budget range. We know how you value time, and we are here to get you anywhere and anytime in the nick of time.